Raise some funds for Paediatric Oncology John Hunter Children's Hospital
Raise some funds for Paediatric Oncology
John Hunter Children's Hospital
Raise some funds for Paediatric Oncology
Raise some funds for Paediatric Oncology

My Story

Hi all,

I am running Ultratrail Australia 100km footrace in May this year and I thought it would be a great opportunity to raise some much needed cash for the John Hunter Childrens Hospital Oncology Department.

I recently worked within the service on the paediatric team and was pretty inspired by the strength and courage shown by many of children and their families, despite incredibly sad and difficult circumstances.

Many families are touched by cancer and know the hardship that comes with it. Children are hit particularly hard. Their constant hospital visits can take away their ability to play, have friends, have fun and just be children

Extra money and resources would make a huge difference to this busy service, the healthcare professionals who work within it, and most importantly, to the lives of these courageous little people (..which is where you generous people come in..)

Please go ahead and click the link below and donate some cash (big or small) to this very worthy cause and be safe in the knowledge that:

  1. You'll get your money's worth out of me (its not a short race, 100km length and over 4,000m of elevation) - my target is 500 dollars - just 5 dollars per kilometer - what a bargain

  2. I promise that those who donate will be spared my whinging and whining (about sore knees / constant hunger / inaccurate Strava data) during the training period

  3. Your money will be used to help many amazing children fight their daily battle with cancer and make their world a small bit easier

As well as money, questions / comments / words of support or mockery will be welcomed

Thanks to all in advance!


Thank You

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